I read in the newspaper today that the cherry blossoms are due to bloom, no peak(!), in 11 days in DC this year. That’s DC. And here?

Feeling optimistic, I bought seeds for my vegetable garden. I have 4 raised beds. See them in the above photo? No? Can’t quite make them out? Maybe in 11 days… (oops, was that sarcasm?)

In fact, here’s Squam:

I was just out for a walk along the lake. I wish I’d taken my camera. With the icy crust on the snow, there are these people out doing this sport I couldn’t name. I asked one of these well-equipped outdoorsmen and he said it’s called ice winging. It’s like windsurfing but on ice skates.

Imagine my little cloth pieces with a handle-bar across it – scaled to a human person size. Turn it vertical. Let the wind blow. There you have it. All set to sail across the lake.

Sailing across the lake.

One of Nika’s friends looked at my art and saw birds flocking.

It made me realize that people see in art what they bring to it. I can be convinced that what I’m portraying is completely obvious. But today, one of those outdoor enthusiasts might look at this piece and reference what’s on his mind – ice winging in winter.

Sailing. Flocking. I love it.