sad snow

You have to admit, this looks a little sad. Daffodils that I bought have wilted. Daffodils in the ground are – well, where is the darn ground? And what happened to the oh-so-white snow? Spring in New England: something to get past.

It was warm yesterday. I got hopeful. But today I went for a long walk and froze… I recall when I was in college in Vermont and the temperature rose to what I thought felt so warm to me. I checked the temperature: 8 degrees F (-13 C). That was a cold winter.

Okay, so outdoors is looking less than attractive. Inside, it’s all about my art. I decided to put try some small pieces with my remnants. I had sewn one up yesterday. Nope. Not right. Today, I regrouped and tried again. Better luck. Just the slightest shift in one square of color made all the difference. It’s tough to see, but the pinks at the top are (from left) slightly purple, somewhat neutral, to slightly green. That slightly green was the ace for me.

Outside looks lousy. Inside, playtime.