not always calm

In reference to yesterday’s mention of sailing from the Caribbean, to follow up: the seasickness did pass. And then I was/we were on the open ocean. Open ocean with 3 adults on board and 3 small children. That meant 4 hours on and 8 hours off: a lot of dark nights, alone at the helm, in high seas watching out for giant shipping container boats that might not even see your boat. I don’t recall many moments of admiring nature on that trip. It was not, as I recall, calm.

Nature is not always beautiful.

And yet, when I think of solace and beauty, that’s my source. Nature. And it’s that calmer side that my art is referencing. And it’s that calmness that I hope is transmitted when I take it to a gallery in the center of DC.

(I’m just hoping for calm seas en route to the stormy destination.)