holes again

This is what every living being should be doing after all the snow and more snow we’ve had. Is it snowing right now? Don’t ask.

Much more interesting is to talk about… holes. Well, kind of about holes. I ran across this great quote in an Pico Iyer book. His friend is speaking to him:

Mozart, …he was a fuckin’ genius. All the music he made was in the pauses. Everything in the symphonies depends on the rests.

I had heard this same idea put forward by Yo Yo Ma. And I love it. It gives the “holes” value. Makes them essential.

I think back on my childhood. I spent summers in the north and winters in the south. In the south, what was important was to look good. But to BE good? Who valued that? How dull. In the north, it was the opposite: darned if anyone cared what you looked like, but, I mean, you did want to be good. Truthful. Honest. Upright. So the 2 had opposite “holes”. You could relax about appearance in the north, and, in the south, let go of all those shoulds. How about embracing the holes on both sides? Pause. Rest. Make some music. Maybe even art.

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