Snow. Lots of snow. More snow. Wind. Ducks.

And it’s just past the full moon. Valentine’s Day coming. Is this why my mind left “art think” and went on a sidetrack with my recent blog on dangling participles?

It took me to the story of my sister, Nin, (Nin Andrews, look her up!) when she was living in Virginia years ago. She’s a runner and it’s hot during the summer months there, so she had her secret spot for reprieve: after her long run, she would head up to this pond that was way off the road on this piece of land hidden by the mountains. There she would strip down and feel – oh so refreshed. Well, one day, lo and behold, she arrived all sweaty hot and there was a guy there happily perched in his inner tube, clothes left strewn next to the water. Hmmmmm.

“Hi!” she yells, announcing her arrival.

“Oh!” he replies, startled. “Nice spot here. Do you know it? Do you know if there are any fish here?”

Ahhhh. Yes. Lots of fish. That she knew. “YES!” she yelled back, giggling to herself. “And they are particularly fond of DANGLING PARTS!”

Well, that was the solution to that intrusion. The pond was vacated in due haste and continued thenceforth to be her private place for respite.

Okay. So as they say in Virginia, “Where’s your mind AT?”

Love those dangling participles. Yes. Time to move ON. Get back to the darn art. Jump IN.

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