ring around the moon

The camera didn’t completely capture the colors of the rings around the moon – they were much more orange. Captivating.

My attention is constantly on nature: the weather, the moon, now the snow. And today, yes, it’s snowing. One snow flake after another. The innocence of it all.

And then, the reactive response, all the kaffuffle comes from me: let me improve on what’s out there. Let me make a path, a road, a highway through the snow, for Pete’s sake.

But wait… about that snowflake! Yes. Okay. Let go, re-focus. That’s what draws me in – the snow itself.

Hmmmmmm. Can my art capture that innocence? One tiny flake and then the next? Can I feel into that sense of peace? And underneath, can I sense the ground, just the earth? Can I understand that this ground can take shape as mountains, just mountains, all covered in the whiteness of snow?

Can my art capture, become imbued with the quiet essence of it all?