not trying

This is my first post since my trip overseas and it’s taken this long to get a sense of what I would blog about: I hadn’t expected that I would be so affected by getting away from this country. I was away from the internet, away from time pressure, away from the need to “be a better person”. So sweet! I therefore am completely re-orienting this blog. What to offer? I have no answer at all. None. So, it’ll be just that. The darn space where it’s all just unfolding. Willy nilly. On board for who-knows-what.

Surely the pup, Otis, knows one answer. The outdoors, the color, the trees and water – all there, part of this expanse of quiet. Yeah, yeah, yeah…

I went to a conference on return. It was wonderful. All about art and business. Really extraordinary. I came back all fired up, ready to produce. But then I was full of this new mind-set (lack of mind-set???) after being abroad. And I could not re-enter the pressure part. I was stopped.

Okay, so the fun is back. I’m onto something I love again. It’s just starting, but, hey, check out the cows while I progress: