how much is visual?


Years ago one of my art teachers had the class paint an angry dog. What he wanted to see was ANGRY. People would register that it was a dog with minimal indications. A lot of the paintings showed red and black. Aggressive colors.

When we go to buy a Valentine, would we expect anything other than red? The heart shape demands that warm, “loving” color.

When I think of buying a new car, do I want a red one? Don’t they say it appears to move faster? Isn’t it more dangerous?

I don’t think of the inside of my body as any color other than red. Isn’t that the color I see when the skin is torn in any way? Inside me: red. Vulnerable.

In this cold winter with its muted greys and snow-covered greens, who doesn’t yearn for red? Who doesn’t love warm clothes, a warm fire? Who doesn’t want that overflowing, emotional red?

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