February – come and gone, almost

February turned out far differently than I had expected. Health issues came up and took my attention and energy, but the journey was revealing as dis – eases can sometimes be. This one concerned energy that was held. Thank goodness for eastern medicine and thank goodness for intuitive friends and thank goodness for all the sweetness I found. And thank goodness for how much fear and internal clutter it cleared up.

Now that I am no longer so sidetracked, I can notice the amazing ways the water on the ice is playing with perception.

And, inside, I play, too. Is it about color? Is is ONLY about color. It’s on the way to Nika’s and Scott’s once I’ve finished. The photo was taken at night, so the colors are warmer than they appear in the day. But the piece will be indoors and therefore, will be seen in this way.

(5 feet wide)